Meet the Dibble Dream Team

Dibble is built and backed by a powerhouse team of experts and previous founders with decades of experience in regulatory technology, financial technology, small business lending, and other key solutions for small business owners.

We’re committed to helping entrepreneurs thrive by improving their access to resources that save them time, money, and hassle.

Ben Armstrong, Founder and CEO

As Founder and CEO of Dibble, our fearless leader Ben Armstrong brings more than a decade of experience with organizations like Lendio, Kabbage (Amex), Groundfloor Finance, K4Connect, Bandwidth Inc., Bank of America, and more.

His background in product management and new business development gives Ben unique perspective into creating solutions that provide a seamless, hassle-free journey for busy small business owners. Ben is a graduate of University of North Carolina, Emory University, and London Business School.

When he’s not hard at work with the Dibble team, you can find Ben fly fishing and spending time with his wife Nicole and their three adorable kids.

Dibble Founder and CEO Ben Armstrong
Brian Dally, Dibble Advisor

Brian Dally, Advisor

Denada Ramnishta, Dibble Advisor

Denada Ramnishta, Advisor

John Parker, Dibble Innovation Tech

John Parker

Melissa Zehner

Melissa Zehner

Our Values

Here's what drives us each day...

Rigorous Integrity

Authenticity, transparency, and integrity are of utmost importance. We hold our values close and we know the same is true for our customers, colleagues, and partners. We strive to bring our best selves to each interaction and experience.


We believe in equal opportunity, access, and respect — regardless of race, gender, religion, creed, or ability. We actively seek to create and reinforce equity in the work we do, the communities we participate in, and throughout our nation.


Our humanity is rooted in understanding and supporting each other. We prioritize empathy and challenge ourselves to walk in the shoes of our customers, colleagues, partners, family, and the guy who fixes our morning lattes.


We want the work we do to leave a positive impact on our communities, our industry, and our planet. We uphold sustainable, humane practices and seek to improve wherever we can.


We've all paid our dues with jobs and bosses we hated — and we've all come to realize that work can be fun if you're surrounded by the right people and able to do what you love. Success loses its significance if we're not having fun along the way.