Our Mission

We aim to help every small and medium sized business owner easily take advantage of the intended benefits of government regulations while simultaneously helping those businesses effortlessly maintain good standing with regulatory bodies.

At Dibble, we're more than just a compliance service provider – we're your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of business regulatory requirements and opportunities. As veterans of the small business lending, fintech and regtech industries, we know that far too often many small and medium sized business owners are categorically left in the dark. We aim to democratize access to regulatory compliance and programs for small and medium sized businesses–to ensure that every business is provided with the knowledge and services to thrive within the regulatory framework.

Who we are

As previous founders of successful technology companies serving small and medium sized businesses and with a combined experience of more than two decades as executives in the Regulatory Technology, Small Business Lending, and Financial Technology industries our founders have dedicated their careers to serving small and medium sized businesses.

Our Values

Rigorous Integrity

We know that authenticity and transparency are key to our personal relationships, and we know the same is true with our customers and partners.


We believe equity to be a fundamental truth and that any decision, product or dealing should further the truth that we are all equal.


In order to do good work and to be good humans we believe we must put ourselves in one another's shoes, whether our coworkers, our customers, our partners, our family, or the rude guy at the coffee shop.


We aim to consider how our work and our company will impact the future of our customers, our partners, our families, and the world as a whole. In that vein, we seek to always find ways to get better.


If there isn’t a consistent element of fun, we might as well not do it.